Now is the best time to get Batteries, as regulatory changes have been in the works and power prices are definitely going up. Feed-in-Tariffs (FIT) used to make it a good deal for homeowners to sell excess solar energy back to their utilities. Currently though, with electricity prices being double to or more than FIT, many homeowners are moving towards storing their extra energy and use it themselves. 
Technology advancements in the solar battery space have enabled better batteries. Battery chemistry is progressing, allowing higher energy density in smaller, lighter batteries. 
For example, the price of lithium ion batteries dropped over 90% between 1990 and 2005, and has continued to fall ever since. 

Spectrum29 has been at the forefront of battery installations. With our in-house system design, our team will design your battery storage systems, future-proofing your energy expenses. We will match the battery to the inverter that will get you the best savings making it cost effective to you. 



Frustrated of paying the electricity companies the customer wanted to go Off -grid. This 15kW Battery system installed with a 5kW Solar system has taken them off grid completely.



A beautiful home in the country side of Woodend was a system designers dream to work on. Our consultant was able to design a unique system to the requirements of the household. 
Again the customer has been a very happy customer and referred the consultant to other friends of hers .

Malcolm - Darley.jpeg


Trinabesss battery storage system designed for a customer in Darley. After looking at many companies the customer decided to go ahead with Spectrum for the depth of knowledge in designing a system that met the customers needs. 



Our client had been looking at going solar for a long time. He had consulted with other companies and due to his roof orientation they had informed it was not possible to get anything close to a 5kW system on his roof. Spectrum29 Consultant was able to design a system which got him the 5kW system with a 6.5kW battery bank. Been a project manager himself knew exactly what the payback would be for the system.