Whether your business is a school, factory, shop, warehouse, office complex or a large farm, energy independence is a significant component in any risk management or sustainability program.

At Spectrum29, we know that you and your business need a system that you can rely on, year-in, year-out that maximises its potential and brings the electricity prices down. 

We use only the finest components, we provide ongoing servicing, and offer a comprehensive performance guarantee for every installation. Most customers provide referrals as they realise the savings on their power bills are much more than they anticipated at the beginning. 

Partnering with Brighte, Parker-lane, and Certegy, we can offer the very best finance solutions to enable you to install our best range of commercial solar systems and be cash flow positive. This means money saved on your energy bill by choosing us as your commercial solar installation partner; the entire finance is paid with the savings,  leaving you with money to spare.

We are able to offer all this as:  

  • Our specialists have studied Sustainability Energy Management and are not just sales consultants/ Installers

  • Approach on a Project based

  • Full turnkey system proposals with no 'hidden extras'

  • Installation available across Victoria with a  15-year warranty



Apartment complex with 12 units was taken on board and completed in April 2018. Roof space was limited and Spectrum 29 was consulted in designing the system to maximise the solar potential.



Installation of a 12kW system in Carlton. Client wanted to reduce the power bill by 70% which was easily met through the system.



A Metal Factory based in Ashwood consulted us in getting a system on top of the roof. Four other companies were not able to meet the requirements of 
Mark. He was very happy with the system installed and is looking at getting a battery on board soon.