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July Rebate Updates

With the new phase of the Victorian Solar PV Rebate beginning, the interest levels in the program have been huge. To pace out the response to the rebate, Solar Victoria have staggered out its availability, limiting it to 3,333 households per round, with each round to be released on the 1st of each month.

The July rebate cap filled up incredibly quickly, with every slot being filled within only 3 days of the Solar Victoria online portal opening up to customers.

With so much of the process being digitally automated, we worked hard through those three days to ensure that our customers had their applications in promptly, and worked to meet all the document requirements of Solar Victoria.

We have provided support throughout this process, including face-to-face appointments to navigate through the Solar Victoria website with our clients and digitally upload all required documentation to be considered. We sought to ensure that none of our eligible clients who wanted to install this month would be prevented from accessing the rebate based on their familiarity with technology.

Now, we’re very happy with the high number of clients we helped navigate the Solar Victoria website to access the rebate in the first round.

And we’re excited to take our knowledge of how the Solar Victoria website and application process works forwards to the August application round, to guide our customers in getting approved as smoothly and easily as possible, transforming applications with an estimated 2-3 week waiting period into a streamlined process with just a few days between final submissions and eligibility status confirmation.

If you seek the same high quality level of customer care and guidance through the rebate application process to make getting your own Solar system easy, and you are interested in applying for the August round, contact us to get your free quote now.

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