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Kids Under Cover: Proud Supporters

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

As part of our commitment to developing a more sustainable Australia, we are delighted to announce that Spectrum29 have become proud supporters of Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit organisation that has been working hard for 30 years to prevent youth homelessness. Recognising an increasing trend in vulnerable young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years, Kids Under Cover are helping young people who are either experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Their mission is to provide at-risk young people with the foundations to strengthen their connection to family, community and education.

Studio Solution

Kids Under Cover aim to prevent youth homelessness by building relocatable bedroom studios in the backyard of a family or carer’s home. These studios, with either one or two bedrooms, relieves overcrowding, eases tension and provides young people with a secure and stable environment. The not-for-profit organisation can relocate a studio up to four times during its lifetime and will remain in place for as long as it’s required.

Recent evaluations of the studio program indicates overwhelmingly positive results. The research shows a strong impact on the well-being of the young person and family after the studio was installed. 88% of carers surveyed said that their home felt too crowded most of the time or always compared with 20% after a studio was built. 57% of young people reported conflict with their family most of the time, compared with 4% after a studio was built. 73% of carers now enjoy spending time with their family compared with 57% before the studio was built.

Education & Training

In addition to the studios, Kids Under Cover also provide scholarships for education or job training. By offsetting basic education costs, Kids Under Cover are empowering young people to achieve their goals. The scholarships are not only awarded to young people residing in the studios, but also to eligible young people in the main home. By recognising the negative effects of youth homelessness on an entire family and taking preventative measures, Kids Under Cover are helping to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

In 2016, a study was carried out to determine the socioeconomic returns for all stakeholders affected by the issues of youth homelessness and overcrowding. The evidence from this study has shown:

For every dollar invested in Kids Under Cover, $4.17 of social value is returned.

Over six years, the Kids Under Cover model generated $63.129 million of social value.

The criminal justice system, health system and specialist homeless services have benefited from Kids Under Cover’s early intervention, resulting in sizeable savings.

The homeless service system, providing emergency or short-term accommodation, accrues the majority of these savings, relieving pressure that would otherwise have cost $4 million over the last six years.

With youth homelessness such a prevalent problem throughout Australia, Spectrum29 are delighted to be a proud supporter of Kids Under Cover.

While already helping to create a more environmentally sustainable Victoria through solar installations, we are proud to be supporting the extraordinary work being done by Kids Under Cover for the prevention of youth homelessness.

A percentage of sales will be donated to Kids Under Cover to support their work.

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