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Reasons to Go Solar Now

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Wheelers Hill - Residential

37 Solar panels with 2 inverters reducing the power bill to $0
The customer wanted to reduce their power bill from $500/quarter to $0. We designed a 10.175kW Solar system with 2 inverters keeping it well under budget and other quotes.

Australia has been experiencing an increase in electricity prices for a number of years, so the desire of Australian citizens to generate their own sustainable energy has never been higher. Australia’s world renowned sunny climate makes the change towards solar energy a practical choice in both residential and commercial settings. If you are considering the switch to generating your own electricity, there are a number of reasons why a solar system could be the option for you.

Environmental Reasons

In light of increasing global greenhouse gas emissions and increasing costs, the reliance on fossil fuels must decrease in the coming years. According to The Australian Institute (TAI), the switch towards solar energy could perhaps reduce Australia’s reliance by up to 60%.

Your switch towards solar could help in the preservation of the environment over the course of the systems lifecycle as there is minimal impact on the environment when harnessing the suns energy.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no noise pollution from the actions of a modern solar system, nor is there air pollution, so going solar makes sense from an environmental point of view.


Apart from the initial cost of installing a solar system, there are no hidden costs behind the smooth running of such a system. The extended warranties we provide with each plan ensure your systems performance levels are of the highest quality.

Even the initial costs of installing a solar system have been cut dramatically in recent years as a result of great government incentives (Federal and Victorian Government Rebate) and reduced component costs. While not completely ignoring this initial cost, it is wise to anticipate that most solar systems we install would pay for themselves within the short-term future.

The increase in solar installations taking place in Australia has also created jobs for people in both rural and urban areas. As a growing industry, it is to be expected that increased employment in this sector can be an incredibly positive aspect in the economy.

Future Value

Installing a solar system can increase the value of your property. Much like in the 20thcentury when electric and gas homes became more desirable than fireplace-focused homes, properties with solar systems already installed will make your property more desirable in the real-estate market.

As technology advances, it is reasonable to expect that solar system efficiency and cost-effectiveness will also increase to some degree. Installing a system now means it can be easier and cheaper to upgrade if a household decides to in the future, making the property more attractive to buyers.

See the Light and go Solar with Spectrum 29

Although the vast majority of Australian citizens would like to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and generate their own electricity with solar power, Australia currently produces only an average amount of solar energy. There is an excellent opportunity for Australians to increase this solar output and get it to a level that Australia should be at with our country’s abundance of sunlight. Now is the time to avail of the current Federal and Victorian Government Rebates while solar is still affordable.

At Spectrum 29, we install systems that come with extended warranties, meaning you don’t have to worry about system performance; you can just enjoy the sun. In addition to the future value you’ll enjoy when you go solar, you can be rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process, from clear explanations of how a system can work for you, to getting your full rebate.

To learn more about what a solar power system can do for you, contact Spectrum29 for your FREE QUOTE or call 1300 845 276

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