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Solar: The Safe Investment at Every Level

With each passing month the future of Solar panels becomes more set in society, making it a very exciting time to be in the industry.

Businesses and regular households alike are turning to their own roof spaces for energy. The advantages are hard to miss, as it’s not just a good move for the environment, but also reliably cuts down on power bill costs.

The G. James manufacturing facility in Sydney is one such business that has turned to solar to reduce its operating costs. The manufacturer, employing more than 2,500 people across its facilities, is now set to cut down on more than a quarter of its electricity needs – saving more than $270,000 per year.

XXXX Brewery has also recently completed a major solar project with over 2,200 solar panels installed at the Castlemaine Perkins brewery in Milton, generating the equivalent of 150 large homes’ worth of electricity.

Coca Cola is set to follow suit across the next ten months with 3.5MW of Solar scheduled to install in locations across Australia, cutting their energy costs by up to $1.3 million per year.

Consistently, businesses recognise solar as a reliable investment providing a major competitive advantage, an assessment backed up by the financial support of banks such as Westpac, which supported the G. James solar project.

With the creation of the Numurkah and Karadoc solar farms, more businesses continue to sign on to solar, getting energy at cheaper wholesale prices as well as supporting the local economy with job creation. At Karadoc in the Mildura region, over 700 people have worked on site, while Numurkah employed over 300 during the construction stage. With both business and job opportunities booming in the solar industry, it's no wonder that various levels of government leadership are calling to turn to solar more and more for Australia's energy needs.

With industry leading businesses demonstrating their confidence in the output of solar for such great energy consumption needs, and banks supporting such projects with specially targeted loans, it is easier for energy consumers at every level to see that solar is a reliable financially beneficial investment.

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