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Ways To Save Money Before Going Solar

While going solar can be the most cost-effective solution for high energy bills in Victoria, there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce your power bill in the lead-up generating your own electricity. In addition to the numerous benefits associated with going solar, Solar Victoria have recently announced alterations to the Solar Homes program which will make solar installations even more affordable for Victorian citizens. While you can keep updated on the rebate policy changes here, below is a list of actions you can do to reduce your energy bill before your installation.

Compare the Market

According to the Victorian Energy Saver website, 7 out of 10 people can save money by using Victorian Energy Compare. Those who avail of the energy retailer comparison website can typically save $330 on their electricity bills when they compare and switch energy offers.

On average, Victorian citizens spend 21% more for their electricity compared to the cheapest offer on the market. Following on from this, nearly one quarter of Victorians pay $500 more a year than the cheapest energy offer. These statistics provided on their website indicate that simply comparing and switching energy offers can result in a significant reduction to your energy bill. As seen in our testimonials, going solar can dramatically reduce your electricity bill, often leading to a credit.

If you are not sure about your new offer, all energy companies give you ten days to change your mind after signing up for a new offer.

Rob & Anne, Cottlesbridge Power Saving Bonus

Our customers in Cottlesbridge had an electricty bill of over $1980/qtr and were extremely frustrated. We helped them demand a 30% discount of about $600 for the same bill. We designed a 2 phase 9.3kW solar and battery system specific for their requirements.

Also found on the Victorian Government energy price comparison site is a free $50 power saving bonus. This was launched by the Victorian Government as an incentive to discover the energy comparison site. However, this ends in June 2019 so you should apply soon. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list here, where we provide updates and guides to similar initiatives and rebates.


Concession card holders may be entitled to a 17.5% discount on their electricity bill, so it is worth taking the time to check if this can work for you.

Understand your home’s energy requirements Rob & Anne, Cottlesbridge

We designed a two stage system for this home in Cottlesbridge to help reduce their dependence on energy retailers. Stage 1 involved the installation of solar with a battery-ready inverter which would address their immediate problems. The 2nd stage involves the installation of a battery up to 15kW if required over the next year. This 2 stage system will ensure the cost is spread over 12 months and the benefits from the 1st stage will determine the battery required size.

While planning your solar installation, it is important that your solar retailer can evaluate your household’s specific energy requirements to recommend an appropriately sized and efficient system. Choosing a solar company with in-house expertise and experience in a variety of disciplines is important in accurately determining both your current usage and any potential increases in the future. Our bill analysis experts can help you do that.

In addition to using this as a guide for your optimal solar system size, you should also view it as a chance to understand where and when most of your electricity usage comes from and what you can do about it to cut any unnecessary costs.

Saving Money with Spectrum 29

To learn more about what a solar power system can do for you, contact Spectrum29 for your free quote. Click here to Remain Informed.

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