Improvements in residential solar technology has made going solar more affordable than ever before. There's never been a better time to invest in solar energy, with packages starting from $21 per week. Talk to our Sustainable Energy Experts who will give you honest up to date facts. Join the sustainable community that we are proud to be part of. Currently, more than two million Australian households enjoy the benefits of solar on a daily basis. 

We only use premium components, and we provide ongoing servicing and performance guarantees, for your piece of mind.  With our tailored payment options most customer systems are paid off in next to no time. 

All our technicians are English speaking Australians, giving customers the assurance on the process of the installation and quality which we pride ourselves on. Our reputation for exceptional workmanship and polite service to our clients makes the process an exciting one as we take the stress away. Our sales staff are the most competent, technically qualified professionals in the industry who provide accurate and honest appraisals as to your needs, and will advise you regarding the actual savings potential conservatively taking the hidden surprise that many come with.


Spectrum29, unlike most solar companies out there, design, install and service all types of residential properties. From straightforward system designs to complex projects - Spectrum29 can make it happen. Feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most efficient and reliable solar system backed by industry-leading warranties and paid what you should be paying for a system.



We will have full transparency

Best quality and best price guarantee

Fast Installation

Help you get the full rebate 

Why get Spectrum to design a system?



This property owners wanted to go Off-grid. Through a consultative approach, a 5 kW solar system was design with a 15kW battery bank and help them get there.



Andy wanted to go solar on the same day when the appointment was booked in! Spectrum29 got him a system that serves his energy needs and he is a very happy customer.



Located in Darley, Malcolm's system was designed using an integrated Trinabess Inverter and Battery system. 

Joe - Menzies Creek.jpg


Joe required a battery to be installed in the future. Having a single phase electricity connection meant our designers had to be creative. They included a 5kW Hybrid inverter with an export limiter and  coupled with another 5kW inverter.  



Customer had looked into solar before, however was taken a back on the prices that were offered. Spectrum29 was able to tailor a system to meet their needs at the right price helping them to go solar.